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Professional clothing alterations & repair

alterations and repair tailoring

Re-stitching buttons, shortening trousers, taking in a dress or adjusting the length of jacket? At Fresh Collection we provide a bespoke, convenient and high-quality tailoring, alterations and repairs service to cater to your every need.

All clothing alterations and repairs are carried out at your local branch or one close by, providing a quick turnaround service. 

For further information please visit your local branch or



Q: What kind of repairs and alterations can you do?

A: We offer a professional Repairs and Alteration service, from shortening & lengthening hems, sleeves, replacing new zips on trousers, skirts, coats & jackets.  Taking in or letting out. Curtain alterations and much more.


Q: Are you able to remove any mark from a garment?
A: Although we can’t guarantee to remove any mark, we do use top quality products and our colleagues are highly trained and willing to do everything they can to get the best result possible.

Q: How fast can you get my garments cleaned?
A: We offer a same day service in all of our branches. Just bring your item in before 10am and it will be back by 4pm.

Q: Are you able to launder bedding?
A: Yes, everything from a pillow case to a duvet.

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