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Engraved Trophies & Gifts

Metal Engraving jewellery watch trophy

We have been engraving a wide range of products in our stores for over twenty years.  From the original hand engraving which we still use for certain items to the top of the range computer engravers that we now use as our business keeps moving with the times. 

We can pretty much engrave anything, all shapes and sizes and different materials.  If you need company logos or images just pop them in to us or email them to us as Jpeg or bit files.

If you have an item you need engraving please take it in to your nearest store for more information and a list of engraving prices or email us at

We offer all types of medals and trophies for all types of sports and events as well as other giftware.

A link is here for any trophies you might need.:    


Just write down the code and give us a call.

Specialist Hand engraving is one of our much called for services for those hard to reach items, as in the inside of a wedding ring or an awkward bezel on a bracelet or watch.   Hand engraving is also applicable to some special glasses that need human touch rather than computerised insensitive machinery.

We regularly sell World clock signs for offices with Cities such as: TOKYO, LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK, DUBAI etc imprinted as well as many other types of household, office, restaurant signs.  These are generally acrylic signs in several different colour combinations such as a silver plate with black text, Green plate with white text or Gold with black text.

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